Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us on (0312) 266 54 50 during the day or call (0532) 616 29 31 for 24/7 availability, via contact form on our web page or by sending mail to . You can make reservation until 12 hours prior to your travel. Please make your reservation 72 hours in advance prior to your travel during Festive times and special holidays.

Please call us on 0 532 616 29 31 in case you can’t find the car in Domestic or International flights entrance.

You can pay your transfer fee in the car by cash or by mail order in a secured way.

An invoice with VAT added on the price is sent to you in 24 hours if you inform us with your invoice preferences during the reservation.

It is forbidden to carry sacks, chests, and tin containers, liquid, odorous, explosive, radioactive and flammable materials. Excess luggage information should be provided during reservation in order to change vehicle type. Unreported stroller, bicycles, golf and skiing equipment will not be accepted. Our vehicles are fitted as standard with 2 big size and 1 small size luggage.

Please inform us 2 hours prior to your transfer so that your transfer will not be canceled. Otherwise your fee will not be refunded.

In delays, our driver will follow your flight with the number provided by you. If the delay exceeds 2 hours no responsibility is accepted.

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